New wave distribution

For more than 25 years, the executive team behind BossaNova has been operating at the interface of unscripted TV rights distribution, co-production, development and commissioning.

That’s a lot of years — and a lot of expertise earned, experience banked and connections forged. Our global network of trusted producer partners is matched only by our close working relationships with numerous buyers and commissioners from both the legacy broadcasters and challenger platforms.

BossaNova launched in 2021 to pioneer a new approach to content creation and funding by matching the right idea with the right producer and the right platform. In addition to popular one-offs and limited series, we focus on building and nurturing long-running franchises — examples include the …by Train series with Professor Alice Roberts, Extreme Tow Truckers and Borderforce USA — that bring in viewers season after season, territory after territory.

But we offer more than world-class content made by some of the world’s top producers. We also offer a community. We act as an integrated hub, where commerce meets creativity, and business meets friendship. We help buyers to stretch their budgets, but not at the expense of our producers. We help producers to broker intelligent partnerships that deliver the programming channels want — and creatives want to make. We’ll even provide the laughs. Loads of them. Guaranteed.

So, thank you for visiting BossaNova. Please join our community of like-minded friends and colleagues and help us make tomorrow’s unscripted content today.

Night Train Media holds a majority stake in BossaNova.